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Russell T.


Thinking outside the box… How about outside the real world? Virtual Reality is not just the latest buzz phrase but a truly immersive experience and top brands are using the latest technology to engage with wider audiences. See below for examples of how DDN has helped brands to reach out.

VR interactive experience controlled by hand gestures

Exploring new worlds is fascinating, taking control of a new environment can be tricky. So when 3M came to our developer Russ Taylor with a VR brief – make it simple – he took the idea of a tutorial level from popular games to get the user started. A short trip through an interactive room where you use hand gestures to control the scene and objects within proved invaluable.

Driving VR experience

Amongst the stands at the London Motor Show, between the high tech prototypes and eloquent new designs of 2016. The DVLA wanted to create an experience that rivalled the impact of the big car manufacturers at a fraction of their budget. So our DDN developer Russ Taylor created a VR driving app to make users aware of road safety by experiencing crashes and dangerous moments at different speeds. The feedback was incredibly and became one of the most popular exhibits at the show.

Augmented reality app

AR has been a big part of the exhibition arena for a few years. Russ Taylor our Tech Lead at DDN has produced a member of apps for a range of clients including Shell, Ford and Jaguar Land Rover. An AR experience can be shared, so once a user picks up a tablet and starts interacting it usually draws in a crowd. The engagement level is high and the focus of AR can be placed on a single product giving maximum detail in a fun, interactive way.


Each app includes a full analytics package, designed by Russ Taylor. This package end-to-end user interaction, dwell time, hotspots, eye-movement tracking and when integrated with a signup process (call us for details), it will fit in seamlessly with your CRM package. From first click to final point of sale. We can track it all.