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Iurii C.


The idea of the ToonCrier App is to provide an anonymous social platform to promote ideas and thoughts, even the most radical and controversial, in a safe way, using animated cartoon characters and voice disguise, letting people be judged by the strength of their ideas. 

The biggest problem the whole team faced during the project was a rather tight budget. It took several days to estimate, calculate and approve features and functions required for MVP to fit the budget. Several issues took some overtime hours for the sake of accuracy and pixel-perfectness. 

The backend of the app hosts and handles a hashtag cloud, allowing people to search and filter threads or individual messages, comment with text or animated audio meassage, and, of course, create and share their own animated “cries”. The app utilizes a brignt and vibrant color scheme with a lot of high contrast elements bringing some “merry melodies” feeling and keeping in tune with the cartonish name and logo. 



The wireframing for MVP took 7 interations and a couple of days to complete and approve. It was mostly done by sketching rough designs on paper with client, and then rebuilding the structure in Adobe Illustrator.

Screens / Artwork

The screens took about 20 hours and 7 iterations to finish. Now that we have everything approved it is time to check if all the layers and artboards are named and scaled properly, cut and export all the graphics required for developer.