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Ōkami Knives



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Luis Faus


Ōkami Knives, a company created up by a couple of people who share a passion for food, cooking, kitchen knives and Japan. They make professional, high quality and at the same time affordable range of kitchen knives to the market that deliver a staggering performance. They approached Luis as they wanted to change their branding identity for something more visually attractive and with a high visual attraction, to both their product and image. 

The idea was to create a story within the package itself, something to make the customer entertained beyond the product and the brand. So through the ancient Japanese folklore legends, DDN’s conceptual designer, Luis Faus, created and displayed on the packaging’s front cover a story: 

The wolf (Ōkami) was considered to be the spirit of the mountain. The wolf was neither good or bad but more like a judging creature, able to tell if someone was good or bad. When someone got lost in the mountains, like the samurai on the right of the packaging, he could invoke the spirit of the wolf to guide him back home. 

If considered worthy by the Ōkami, the lost wanderer would be helped but if not his fate was sealed. With this created, the moral of the story then was that the knives contain the spirit of the Ōkami and are made to help and guide the customer in the kitchen. When in a pinch they should help you to cut through the confusion…provided of course that the client has a good heart.


Conceptual Design Process

Here we explore client’s vision, our vision, and then a combination of the two.


Our vision

Now we combine the two!

Final Creation

Once we clear the logo creation, we can move on to packaging design.


Branding and Package Design


Sketch to Concept (3D)

Simple 3D concept design

Final Packaging Design

Complete design!