5 Web Design Trends 2020

By: Faith S.
Date: 03/25/2020

Digital trends can be some of the hardest to follow because of how quickly they change as we continue to advance and improve digital technology, but it’s important that you keep your site or the sites you design updated and modern. What was a hit with your audience only a few years ago might look unprofessional and off-putting today. Here are some of our favorite 2020 web design trends that will keep your visitors impressed and engaged.


Staring at a flat, 2D space can get boring; and when your visitors get bored, they bounce. Keep things interesting with dimensional graphics and design. A page that gives the illusion of three dimensions is more immersive and captivating. Get your audience’s attention with soft shadows and layers that give a floating effect to your various page elements. This is a relatively simple design idea that can take your website from average to outstanding.

Graphic Customization

Combining custom graphics with your photography makes the site unique. Your visitors will be able to see that your design is original, and you’ll be able to illustrate abstract concepts for them that will make it easier for them to understand your value and trust your expertise. Your digital space should be 100% customized to fully represent your brand voice and creativity.

White Space

People are impatient and have short attention spans thanks to the incredible technological advancements we’ve made that allow them to access data at speeds we never would have imagined. By ditching the full-bleed layout for clean, minimalist, white space design, you eliminate distraction and congestion. Keeping your layout clear and concise will help direct your visitors to the next step in your intended process by highlighting the information and graphics you want them to pay attention to.

Vibrant Color

Vibrant color doesn’t always mean neon green and hot pink. Maintain your brand personality with colors that are appealing to your target audience and match how conversational or professional your brand voice is. High saturation makes your colors pop from your background and highlights the page elements that you need your visitors to see.

Bonus Tip: Black, high-contrast text is generally easier and more enjoyable for visitors to read. Limit your colorful text to headlines or areas with a non-white background.

Limited Navigation

Minimalist navigation is becoming more and more popular with web users, probably due to their desire to get what they’re looking for quickly. Too much navigation can confuse a visitor who’s not sure where to go next to get more information or to purchase your product. You can still present all the necessary data and sales copy by keeping your content concise and making support pages accessible from your top menu.

Building a Website?

All the trends, best practices, rules, and tools for building a successful website can be overwhelming, whether you’re building your own or incorporating web design into your client services. Outsourcing web design is a sensible option for anyone who wants to save money and accelerate the timeline without sacrificing the quality of the site.